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We at Fidelity Alarm, have been dedicated to providing the highest quality of protection to our customers and their businesses for over 40 years. Jerome T. Hillier founded Fidelity in 1976 after years of experience as an alarm installer and it has since become the largest independent family owned and operated Alarm Company in the tri-state area. We pride ourselves in our quality of service and strongly believe that our years of success is directly attributed to our unwavering commitment to you and your safety.

Our family at Fidelity Alarm use factory-trained installers to provide you with the peace of mind that you are safe and in control. As a certified Honeywell and Silent Knight dealer, it is our principal priority to provide our customers with the highest grade technology that best fits your lifestyle and budget. We couple with UL certified Security Alarm Monitoring Inc. as our central monitoring station for they are certified in CRZH – Burglar Alarm Systems, National Industrial Security System, UL 2050; UUFX Signal and Fire Alarm Equipment and Services, Protective Signaling Services Central Station; CVSG Burglar Alarm Systems Mercantile and Burglar Alarm Systems Monitoring Station Residential. Whether you are looking for video surveillance at your place of business, a reliable fire alarm system or a general residential alarm system, Fidelity has options that come backed with a guarantee for protection.

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