Honeywell Farenhyt Series

Fidelity Alarm Company is a Farenhyt Engineered Systems Distributor.

The Honeywell Farenhyt Series is your turnkey solution for fire protection, emergency communications

and CO detection all in one easy to use package. From the top floor to the bottom line, Honeywell

Farenhyt Series continues to lead with innovative and feature-rich products, and they are simultaneously

affordable. Honeywell Farenhyt Series has always focused on functionality and flexibility, which is

why its products are routinely found in educational institutions, hospitals and health care facilities,

commercial complexes, commercial living spaces, and government buildings around the world.

Education: Schools and Universities

Fire Alarm Systems That Work for Your Schools

  • Cost effective non-proprietary systems for retrofit or new construction

as existing wiring can be used

  • Systems that grow with schools and campuses
  • All-in-one Fire and Emergency Communication Systems for one simple

on the wall solution

Hospitality: Hotels, Entertainment and Restaurants

Effective Fire Protection for Guest Safety

  • Ease of programming reduces installation time for small and large projects
  • Distributed power supplies enable more effective use of power

for notification

  • Protect room with just one or two devices on the wall providing low frequency

notification, smoke, carbon monoxide detection and voice evacuation

  • From a single 75 point panel to a 32 node network with thousands of points

Health Care Facilities: Clinics, Senior Living, and Hospitals

Superior Life Safety for Healthcare Facilities

  • Integrated Emergency Communications System in the fire alarm control panel

simplifies installation and operation

  • Safe solutions for individual rooms offer flexibility and confidence
  • Minimized nuisance alarms with utmost detection accuracy using advanced

detection solutions

  • With Farenhyt’s large point capacity systems you can have complete coverage

of your facility and maintain ADA compliance.

Places of Assembly: Religious, Community, and Sports Centers

The Right Emergency Systems for the Gathered Community

  • Emergency Communications capabilities integrated with the fire alarm controls

ensures the right message gets to the occupants

  • Functional systems design allows flexibility to meet current and future facility needs
  • Highly reliable fire alarm system
  • The ECS control panel uses distributed amplifiers, enabling location of the amplifiers

where the speaker circuits are located, eliminating long wire runs.

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