Commercial Security Alarm & CCTV Services

Licensed Commercial Security Dealer & Installer

We offer 24/7 central monitoring services for burglary, fire, & CO2 alarms...

Our combination of hard-wired and wireless alarm components use state of the art technology to keep you safe. Our systems are UL Listed, upholding the latest applicable codes and standards for installation, testing and monitoring that is subject to UL auditing at any point in time, providing you the utmost confidence in the quality of your security. At Fidelity Alarm, we use a central monitoring station where highly-trained personnel oversee your security systems every hour of the day, alerting the appropriate authorities in the event of an alarm.

We are a proud provider of Honeywell’s LYNX Touch systems which offer you the ability to control thermostats, energy management, lighting, door locks and your security system from the full-color touch screen keypad. We also provide you with full control with Honeywell’s Total Connect, which allows you to access these features from any remote location through the use of your smartphone or internet connection.

Never second guess the safety of your home again with Honeywell’s Z-Wave devices, providing you with remote monitoring and control of any standard electrical outlet, HVAC units and the temperature of your house through the use of your smartphone. These state-of-the-art systems alert you of everything from when a door is opened or closed to when a flood has consumed your property.

Looking for more? We also install IP Cameras as well as Z-Wave enabled lock systems, ideally making keys a thing of the past.

Camera (CCTV & IP) Surveillance Systems

See your premises 24/7...

Fidelity Alarm provides service, installation, and maintenance of various types of video surveillance systems ranging from analog CCTV to advanced IP and network based technologies. We offer an array of options to fit your security needs, whether it is a fixed camera or Pan, Tilt, Zoom, standard resolutions to higher Megapixel, low light/infrared night vision, concealed or long or short range, and we will work with you to choose the arrangement that is the best fit for you.

Our video surveillance systems come equipped with video analytics and are perfect for fraudulent insurance claims and disputes over property damage. They record directly onto a hard drive, allowing simple and organized access to footage from a computer that you can view from any remote location through the use of your smartphone. So take that vacation you’ve been planning, be confident that we will keep watch while you’re away

Digital Door Locks & Access Control

Control who can (and when) access your location...

We offer Keri Systems access control software for buildings of all types that provide you the authority over who can access your property and when. Keri uses the highest grade of hardware paired with intelligent software to give you the best access control system to fit your needs. We offer installation of keypads and key card scanners to lock and unlock doors and track employees as well as a high quality biometric thumb print reader to help you never worry about keys again. At Fidelity Alarm, we offer remote managed software plans to provide you and your business with the highest quality protection at the utmost convenience.


Modern and up-to-date intercom systems for your employees...

We install state of the art intercom systems that can be used for access to and communication throughout large buildings with multi entry units. We offer video options that allow you to view those who enter and leave the building. Our state of the art systems allow you to control your intercom systems and open your doors through the simple use of an app on your smartphone.

Area of Refuge Systems

Keep your elevators in compliance...

Philadelphia’s International Building Code requires that all buildings with elevators must have Area of Refuge Systems. We provide installation of these two-way communication systems that comply with IBC code requirements and leave your users safe with every ride.

Nurse Call/Call for Assistance/Help Buttons

Request immediate assistance...

Used in hospitals and group homes, these high quality call systems provide quick and secure communication from patient rooms to a centralized location to alert of an emergency throughout a building.